Shawnee Rising Podcast

Shifting Priorities

Episode #6 is here and we're talking about shifting our priorities around to put what is most important first. We'll also talk about native art and seeing native art for what it

Back To Basics

Finally, I return to The Shawnee Rising Podcast with a new episode! Find me on your favorite podcast app! WARNING: Some language may be damaging to sensitive ears.

History of The Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma

In this episode, I tell you a little about the history of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma, one of three federally recognized Shawnee tribes. I also talk about my shop...again.

Source: A Search For History - from The Eastern Shawnee Tribe's website.

Internal Struggles

In this episode, I talk about my fear and anxiety associated with starting a project and what helps me push through them, and what I think could help even more. Niyawe!

Goals and More Goals

I got goals and their I go over a few of them in episode 2 of the Shawnee Rising Podcast. Niyawe!

Grand Entry & Age-Old Advice

Niyawe! Thank you for joining me as I make my Grand Entry into podcasting. Hit me up on Facebook or my website and let me know what you thought of my very first episode and if it's something you would like to listen to.

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